How to spot a chav mum

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How to spot a chav mum

The UK’s full of chav slappers and for those of you who are unfamiliar with a chav then this page is to enlighten you a little bit. Personally I think all of us have a little bit of chav deep within us even you posh guys and girls! This guide is nothing but fun and will help you spot a chav from a “normal” woman. If your up for meeting a chav mum and having your wicked way with her then why not join up to our chav mums community now and start looking for a chav in your town.

Our take on a chav mum:

Jewellery – Lots of chunky gold 9 carat jewellery is a must, quantity over quality any day! Sovereigns on her finger? Then you have bagged yourself a chav!
Clothes – DIY facelifts, hair scraped back into a real tight bun, Can be found shopping in top shop and buying loads of denim from the local market. Also witty slogan T-shirts are a must 🙂 Skirts? More like a belt the shorter the better for our chav mums.
Another good way to spot a chav mum is how she bling’s up baby., Chavvy pushchair, kids ears pierced and nikey trainers? There’s your chav mum right there

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